eBook Services

Provision Books offers ebook formatting services for those who wish to publish their books on electronic devices, such as iPad, Kindle, and Nook.

Our Experience

Producing an ebook of the utmost quality and professionalism requires knowledge of HTML, XML, and CSS. At Provision Books, we have over 13 years of IT experience, including over 6 years of specialized experience using XHTML and CSS.

What You Get

  • an EPUB file, properly formatted to industry standards
  • a MOBI file (if requested)
  • embedded cover art
  • a custom CSS stylesheet
  • custom navigation
  • file upload to Amazon (if requested)

What It Costs

We start with a basic, tiered pricing structure and add additional costs related to the specific nature of your work. In all instances, we will offer a quote before rendering services.


Base Pricing Structure for Word/RTF files (.doc, .docx, .rtf)

Base eBook Formatting Costs

Additional Costs

Some books are easily formatted, while others offer unique formatting challenges; therefore, our final price quote will include additional costs for the following:

  • PDF conversion
  • embedded images
  • custom fonts or other custom interior design elements
  • heavy use of italics, bold, or special formatting, such as bullets or non-standard indenting
  • consulting work beyond uploading to Amazon


Please query to receive a quote for your project.

How to Contact Us

To request a quote for your project, contact jessicathomas at jessicathomasink dot com